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Working with clients from script to screen.

Creative Development

Everything we do at Hiccup, from basic graphic design to complex campaign development, relies on a solid creative process that has been proven challenge after creative challenge. Our winning strategy starts with having a team that is creatively integrated. We simply do not hire team members for any of our departments who do not possess creative skill sets. The result is a more efficient, more collaborative company.

Live-Action Production

Shooting great footage is what we do. Hiccup pairs the perfect director with the best crew, and the result is always a spectacular production experience.

Hiccup’s directorial staff and production team excel in a range of specialties that can accommodate every need: “Quick and Roughs” for testing, broadcast TV spots, web videos, educational and corporate films, behind-the-scenes content, and much more...

Editorial & Post-Production

If creative development is the brains of our operation, post-production is the backbone. Hiccup has become an editorial and post-production industry leader, over the last 8 years, by streamlining our workflow and establishing a dedicated resource pool.

From broadcast TV spots to web videos, brand films, test work and music videos, Hiccup’s editors, compositors, motion designers and finishers are building some of the best content on air and online.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Having a strong animation department affords our entire team the freedom to both create custom content and enhance existing content. Hiccup’s animation and motion design teams operate around the clock to create full-blown 3D animated spots, simple 2D brand videos, and everything in between.


From supporting our creative department to producing original work for our clients, the design team at Hiccup is an essential tool in the content production spectrum. Much like our animators, our designers are busy each day with everything from conceptual artwork to brand development to digital advertisements.

Branding & Identity

Over the last 9 years, our creative, design and project management teams have helped to launch startups and refresh established companies. We offer a complete solution that begins with research and spans across print and digital collateral design.

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Why is the experience unique?

  • We don't just mean coming up with good ideas... Yes, we do that, but where we really shine is in our ability to creatively solve problems and ultimately offer a content solution that exceeds expectations. We allow creativity to work with reality, and we never sacrifice quality. It's really that simple.

  • Client relationships come in many different colors and shapes. That's why we have always provided several points of entry for starting a project, relationship, or strategic partnership. While some of our clients are searching for a content agency of record, others are interested in a short-term project. The demands of today's content-hungry world require Hiccup to be versatile... and that's just fine by us.

  • We tend to work with our clients for a long time and that's a big deal. In the end, building strategic partnerships is our mission, whether our clients initially know it or not. Doing great work is paramount to our industry, but making the process seamless and enjoyable is just as important to us. By offering a reliable, scalable and customizable set of services, we have spent the last 9 years helping our clients achieve their goals within their specific guidelines.

·  Recent Work  ·

Organized by category.


Ray LaMontagne "Supernova"

Produced in animation for Ray LaMontagne and RCA Records.

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Lasalle web

LaSalle Solutions "LAMP"

Building engaging product demo videos comes down to great design, clean animation and clear...

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Pn thumb1

Pronamel "Acid Truth" Moments

Live-action production by Hiccup for Grey NY

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Pn 2thumb

Pronamel "Acid Truth" Erosion

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Work competitiverange

Competitive Range Solutions Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for technology...

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Work redroom

Red Room Key Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for high-end...

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Work meality


A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for fashion...

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Work rulnick

Jason Rulnick Inc. Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for art industry...

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Work shaving

P&G "Shaving"

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Work wallstreet

Wall Street Journal "Portfolio of Ideas"

Produced as part of a web series for WSJ and State Street Financial, 'Portfolio of Ideas' is...

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Work dietcoke

Diet Coke "Bubbles"

Directed by John Poliquin

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Work bmw

BMW "M3" Documentary

Take an inside look at the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition. Directed by Oliver Jevremov

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Work towel

P&G "Towel"

Good clean production and post for P&G and Grey NY. Directed by Michael Cruz.

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Work sportsporn

Purolator "Sports Porn"

8 exterior improv comedy spots in one day on a rotating set designed by Director Michael Cruz. It...

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Work clairol

Clairol "MyShade"

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Work dudeback

Ad Council "Dude Got Back"

An oldie but a goodie from the Hiccup Reel. Produced for the Ad Council and their Mental Health...

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Work downy

Downy/Lenor Scent Pearls

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Work army

US Army "Juan"

Produced for the US Army business pitch. Director: Michael Cruz.

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Work nytimes

Natural Gas "NY Times"

Produced as part of a series of awareness ads for the American Natural Gas Association. Good...

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Work metalwars

Purolator "Metal Wars" Castration

Produced for the epic viral campaign for Purolator and Grey NY, 'Metal Wars' is a series of...

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Work etradenew

E*Trade "New To Online Investing"

Its all about keeping viewers engaged and that is a particular challenge when it comes to complex...

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Work gmac

GMAC Bank "Teacher"

This spot is pulled deep from our archives and represents what was probably one of the top 5 most...

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Work bleachers

Bleachers "Making of the Video"

Post-Production by Hiccup Media

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Work daughtrybattle

Daughtry "Battleships"

All post-production by Hiccup

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Work brazil

SANTANA "Dar Um Jeito" Behind The Scenes

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Work ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius "Run" Music Video

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Work sleeper

Sleeper Agent "Waves" Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the making of Sleeper Agent's video for 'waves.'

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Work gavindegraw

Gavin Degraw "Make a Move" Behind The Scenes

Take an inside look at the filming of Gavin Degraw's latest video for the track 'Make A Move'....

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Work smallpools

Smallpools "UK Live"

Created as a viral piece, all editorial and post-production conducted at Hiccup Media.

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Work walkthemoon

Walk The Moon iTunes Exclusive

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Work stepup

Step Up 3D - Music Video

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Work jacoblat

Jacob Latimore - Artist Sizzle Reel

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Work danielmerri

Daniel Merriweather "Water on a Flame"

Editorial, effects and color by Hiccup Media. Produced by Sony/RCA Records.

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Work kesha

Kesha Behind the Scenes

Follow Kesha as we go behind the scenes on her latest photo shoot for Casio Baby G watches. ...

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Work ftiseasons

FTI Consulting "Holiday Greeting"

Its always fun to help our clients spread some holiday cheer. In this animated greeting for FTI...

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Work fticompany

FTI Consulting - Company Video

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Work pinnaclegroup

The Pinnacle Group

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Work collab9

Collab9 Brand Video

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Work baass

BAASS Business Solutions

Simple, clean brand video execution. Creative development, animation and post-production provided...

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Work looking

Looking Point Brand Video

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Work junto

Junto Consulting Group - Brand Video

It is never easy to communicate the brand identity of companies that deal in emerging technology....

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Work oman

Oman "Energy"

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Work etradediverse

E*Trade Diversification

For the last 6 years, Hiccup has worked closely with E*TRADE in building out several education...

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Work securedata

Secure Data Technologies - Brand Video

The classic brand video has become the staple content piece for companies large and small. It is...

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Work scholastic

Scholastic "Discover More" Spot

Produced in conjunction with Bajibot, this digital spot was created to drive downloads of the...

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Work soymono

Soy Mono PSA Series "Ambition"

Created as an original content series for MTV Tr3s. Winner of an Advertising Age Gold Hispanic...

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Work jifolympics

JIF Olympics Test Spot

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Work directvsizzle

DirecTV Sizzle Reel

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Work nook

Nook Color Launch Video

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Work fabreeze

Febreze "Challenge"

Live action production, editorial and post-production by Hiccup Media.

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Work miapolis

Miapolis Anthem

Created as a mood piece for the Miapolis development pitch.

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Brands have developed a need for a different type of agency. A creative content agency.

Imagine a creative agency combined with a production and post-production company. Now imagine Hiccup.


In 2006, we believed that brands were developing a need for a different type of agency. With the growing demand for video, mobile and content in general, a secondary, more nimble firm was becoming a necessity. Hiccup was founded to meet that demand. We still believe that broadcast and non-broadcast work are equally important and dually essential pieces of a brand’s strategy. Therefore, we develop creative timing and cost solutions that make sense in today’s industry, and we never sacrifice quality.


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